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Alliances of IIPM with leading international organizations (continued alongside)

  • Dr. Khalil A. Hamdani (UNCTAD Chief, National Innovation & Investment Policies)

  • Mr. Marc Berthoud (Vice President, Geneva Financial Center)

  • Dr. Luc Van Mele (Dean, International Management Institute, Belgium)

  • Professor Hans Hanegreef (Professor, IMI, Belgium)

  • Professor Guy Knaption (Professor Strategy, IMI Belgium)

  • Dr. Nicholas Bates (Professor, Webster University)

  • Dr. Robert Spencer (General Director, European Campuses, Webster University)

  • Ms. Carole Manca - De Weck (Corporate Development Assistant, IMD Lausanne)

  • Mr. Thien Luong Van My (Issues Manager, Nestle Worldwide)

  • Mr. Philippe Pegoraro (Economics Statistics Head, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry)

  • Mr. Max Hool (Legal Head, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry)

  • Mr. Abrar Farshori (Manager, Amas Bank, Switzerland)

  • Mr. Alexander P. Spirk (Client Relationship Manager, Amas Bank, Switzerland)

  • Dr. J. Prokopenko (I.L.O Head, Productivity & Management Development Program)

  • Visit Professor Arindam Chaudhuri's web pages.

  • Visit Planman Consulting's official web site.

  • Visit GroovyJobs, the official jobs site of IIPM & Planman Consulting.



IIPM's strength in institutional development is evidenced in the number of alliances that they have with organizations across the world. IIPM's worldwide alliance with Planman Consulting provides IIPM with access to leading international management consulting paradigms. Planman Consulting has been rated as India's largest multi-interest consulting firm. This multi-interest consulting structure provides to IIPM students & faculty one of the most efficient learning curves in today's business world by interacting with live case studies, participating in international consulting projects, and developing real life research projects.

GroovyJobs is IIPM's official jobs site. Developed completely by IIPM students, GroovyJobs provides IIPM students and alumni access to the top jobs available in the industry. GroovyJobs is powered by state-of-the-art client server technology and is one of the most effective database management systems available in the industry. Arguably, GroovyJobs is amongst the best job sites even when compared with those that exist currently in the job market. Visit for a live experience.

The academic programs of IIPM, namely the Planning & Entrepreneurship programs (not including the fellowship programs), are offered in strategic alliance with the International Management Institute, one of the leading institute of the world. This alliance enables the students to experience & learn management at a global level.

But probably the strongest support that IIPM obtains is in its GOTA (Global Opportunities & Threats Analysis) program. The world's leading institutions have regularly supported the endeavours of IIPM to expose students to international and global management practices. The names of the institutions that have supported IIPM's GOTA program in the past are given below.

Alliances of IIPM with leading international organizations (continued alongside)

  • Dr. Miles Dodd (Senior Advisor, INSEAD, France)

  • Dr. Piero Morosini (Professor, IMD Lausanne)

  • Mr. Roland Diethelm (President, Sulzer Hexis, Winterthur, Europe)

  • Dr. Bruno Walser (President & Member Executive Committee, Sulzer)

  • Mr. Niels Christiansen (Director, Public Affairs, Nestle Worldwide)

  • Mr. Thomas Schelling (Head, Asia-Oceania-Africa, Nestle Worldwide)

  • Mr. Ernest J. Pope (former MD, Nestle Australia, Senior VP, Nestle Worldwide)

  • Ms. Jane Quillet (Corporate Communications, Nestle S.A, Vevey)

  • Mr. Ajay Hinduja (Hinduja Group, Amas Bank, Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Mr. Jean-Daniel Pasche (President, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry, Bienne)

  • Ms. Chantal Garbani (Economist, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry, Bienne)

  • Dr. H. Oberhansli (Chief Economic Advisor to the Chief Executive, Nestle S.A., Vevey)

  • Ms. Preeta Banerjee (Palais des Nations, United Nations)

  • Mr. Kim (Vice President, Marketing, Nestle S.A., Asia-Oceania-Africa)

  • Mr. Roland H. Baumberger (Vice-President & Head HR, Sulzer, Europe)

  • Dr. Sfeir Younis (World Bank, Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Mr. Didier Wacker (Senior Manager, Credit Suisse)






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