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Professor A. Sandeep

Dean, Center for Advanced Consulting & Research

Level 5, IIPM Tower

Qutab Institutional Area

New Delhi: 110016


Phone: 91-11-51799977 (Direct), 51799900/21/22




The consulting activities of IIPM are structured under the operations of Center for Advanced Consulting & Research (CACR). This Center was incorporated in 1996, and is probably one of the only such Centers that have been able to develop a completely independent brand image. CACR has a strategic alliance with one of the biggest names in the consulting industry, Planman Consulting. Interestingly, Planman has been rated as India's largest multi-interest consulting group in the year 2001/2002. CACR started its operations as an offshoot of 25 years of research of the global economy undertaken by leading researchers and academicians globally. In all its business interests, CACR incorporates an extremely high level of consulting commitment for its clients. Wherever, whenever, however, CACR attempts to improve dramatically the process performance of global corporations through its consulting enterprise. Live case studies and industry examples of CACR's consulting solutions have become recommended reading at various institute across continents. Various papers published by CACR consultants have been noted and honored at diverse institutions and organizations.

Business Interests

CCISD (Center for Corporate Identity & Strategy Development): The consulting division specializes in the area of designing entry strategies in emerging Asian markets and industries. Further, the focus areas encompass Business Policy & Strategic Management, Corporate Restructuring, Business Process Re-engineering, Benchmarking, Quality and Process Controls. One of the critical focus areas of the division has been assisting organizations in reorienting their sales and marketing channels in accordance with corporate goals and objectives. These exercises are both macroeconomic and microeconomic in nature. The biggest area of CCISD's consulting operations is advising funding organizations on how to set up projects in various Asian countries, as well as actually implementing the particular advised strategies. CCISD supports the complete implementation and setting up of relevant projects in various industries including infrastructure, commercial and social sectors.

ICMR (Indian Council for Marketing & Research): ICMR offers a range of solution-oriented tools that integrate technology, business expertise and analytical capabilities to address specific business needs, enabling organizations to plan, analyze and execute successful marketing and sales strategies. ICMR provides marketing consulting & research services like Branch Research, Tracking, Syndicated Studies, Media Research, Industry Surveys to varied industries. ICMR is one of the most competent marketing consulting & research cells in the world and arguably the number one in India based on the number of marketing & research studies ICMR conducts throughout the year.

HRIC (Human Resource Intelligence Cell): The Human Resource Intelligence Cell was set up with the objective of consolidating all consulting activities of CACR that were related to human resources management & development. Over time, this resulted in certain functions becoming highly specialized and integrated into three separate units namely, Training & Development, Manpower Recruitments, and Personnel Consulting Services. These units, even though catering to the same clientele, perform highly focused functions that are still strategically separate from each other. Due to the heavy influx of experienced personnel in HRIC, our solutions often are criticized to be moving towards the quantitative realm. But to support the debate, HRIC balances its consulting solutions by employing extremely comprehensive problem analysis techniques, resulting in very pertinent and optimal solution sets for our clients.

POLAR Experiences (Planman Overseas Learning and Recreational Experiences): Polar Experiences is the travel Consulting and Destination Management unit of Planman Consulting. Our travel programs are designed to excite, educate, entertain, intrigue and delight the travelers. Our strength lies in the capacity to offer a wide variety of travel related services within India and to overseas destinations. Be it group corporate engagement programs, individual travels, incentives, conference handling and faculty/students educational tour management, our team of dedicated and highly trained professional staff specialize in making itineraries on case specific requirements for our clients.

ADIU (Asia Development Intelligence Unit): The Asia Development Intelligence Unit forms the strategic knowledge foundation center for all the consulting & research activities of CACR. ADIU combines data into an analytical framework & adds value to the strategic consulting & market research assignments by providing the necessary tools & services for analysis, interpretation and insight. ADIU interprets information from multiple sources & transforms data into strategic units for usage by the other divisions. ADIU keeps the clients abreast with its regular publications focusing on areas which are of utmost importance to the corporate world. It also provides information support service as and when required or furnished on the request by the client. Circulation of these publications is restricted to the existing clients of CACR.

PLANMAN LIFE (Filmed Entertainment, Television Production, Media Consulting): Planman life is an enterprise for the expressionist exploration of the dynamics of the Indian socio-cultural milieu through cinema, art, and other forms of expressions to touch lives. It is an attempt to search and rediscover the strings that bind the society at large, to provoke, and to seek answers, and to reweave the fabric of Indian culture in all its right hues. Planman Life currently is producing business and current affairs programs for leading Television Channels. The first home production of Planman Life, "Sanjbatir Roopkathara" is CACR's gift to West Bengal Cinema. "Sanjbatir Roopkathara", penned by Mr. Joy Goswami, celebrated poet and novelist from West Bengal, is the stirring story of 'Sanjbati', an innocent and sensitive girl, and her soul-searching encounter with the stark realities of life through the nurturing yet disruptive relationships with the two men in her life, her father and her friend. The movie, directed by Mr. Anjan Sen and co-produced by Mr. Sandeep Sen of 'Ek Je Aache Konya' fame, is authenticated by the touching performance of the doyen of Bengal cinema, veteran actor, Mr. Soumitro Chatterjee, and a powerful portrayal of 'Sanjbati' by the versatile national award winning actress, Ms. Indrani Haldar.

ICPAR (Indian Center for Public Affairs & Relations): ICPAR manages the PR efforts of various companies. The services they offer are Media Relations, Government Relations & Lobbying, Image Management, Employee Relations, Crisis Management, Editorial Services etc. Due to its consulting skills, not only does ICPAR provide PR support to clients, but also assists them in strategizing their future branding exercises. ICPAR has assisted various companies in not only entering Asian markets successfully, but also in protecting specific trademarks, patents and copyrights, by publicizing the issues in relevant government and non-government forums.



    "This is to confirm our APPRECIATION... It has been a pleasure working... We look forward to a continuing working relationship... We have been ESPECIALLY IMPRESSED with the exhibited levels of responsiveness and understanding of our needs... Pushp Deep Gupta"

    "This is to put on record the OUTSTANDING HUMAN RESOURCE SUPPORT we have received... The Client Service provided was COMMENDABLE and the Market Intelligence data on ‘designate’ organizations and industries was of VERY HIGH QUALITY. We look forward to their continued support as our Strategic Partner... Anuradha Purbey"

  • {OGILVY & MATHER, Detroit Office Project}
    "The quality of output was of a VERY HIGH CALIBRE. The report was found IMMENSELY USEFUL by our Detroit branch. What is more noteworthy is that along with research, we have also been provided a complete solution tailor-made to our requirements. We would like to make a special mention of the HIGH LEVEL OF COMMITMENT & INVOLVEMENT exhibited... Ritu Abrol"

    "... We are pleased to appreciate your efforts in meeting our requirements... We look forward to a continuation of your EXCELLENT SERVICES in the future... B. Basu"

  • {SONY}

  • {ADOBE}

  • {AMWAY}
    "HIGHLY EFFECTIVE... FANTASTIC!!!... Realistic approach... The consultants' combination is BRILLIANT... TERRIFIC!!!... In two words,  result oriented... Did their services meet our objectives? DEFINITELY YES... Suresh, S. Razia, Venkatesh, Arindam, B. Sumeet, S. Menon"

  • {AKAI}
    "...the largest study done in the consumer durable industry for developing our marketing & positioning strategy... We would like to thank you for the WONDERFUL JOB done within a short time... SINCERE, DILIGENT, CONSCIENTIOUS... Basant Pande"

  • {ICI}

    "... VERY GOOD!!!... EYE OPENER!!!... Great opportunity to learn the key findings of EXPERTS!!!... Rai, Vikas, S. Harjinder"

    "... FANTASTIC!!!... EXCELLENT!!!... Joy, S. Vyas"

    "... EXCELLENT!!!... Rao, M. C"

    "Catalysts for change... ONE OF THE BEST... Chirojit, S. Kaul"

    "... can best be described as New Knowledge to face critical situations... Practical management techniques... EFFECTIVE!!!... EXCELLENT!!!... STIMULATING!!!... A. Oke, Shantanu, R. Sinha, Sirole"

    "... VERY EXCELLENT !!! OUTSTANDING !!!... Dhankar, B. S"

    "... VERY VERY EFFECTIVE... PROVOKING!!!... Babu, A. Upadhyay"

    "... FANTASTIC!!!... EXCELLENT!!!... Joy, S. Vyas"

    "... A SUCCESS!!!... Rokhum, L"

    "... INNOVATIVE, YOUTHFUL, BUBBLING WITH ENTHUSIASM... Great tools to get opportunities in our favour to get business... Sahu, Manoj"

    "... SUCCESSFUL!!!... Praveen,  N"

  • {TIMEX}
    "... BEST IDEAS... EFFECTIVE... Prabhat, Sarbeswar"

    "... VERY GOOD!!!... VERY USEFUL!!!... We discovered how important Cash Flows are... Sondh, A. Mittal"

  • {FORBES}
    "... MOST VALUABLE!!!... VERY INFORMATIVE... EXCELLENT... Cindy, P. Almado"

  • {McDOWELL}
    "EXCELLENT!!!... HIGH LEARNING... S. Bhupen"

    "...PROVOCATIVE !!!... S. Shivinder"

    "... EXCELLENT... We will apply the learning at our workplace... Mangla, A. Mokhtar"


CACR believes that the above statements are enough to radically support the perception that CACR's core competency remains its people. The teams that make up CACR's project work forces worldwide comprise individuals who have developed competencies in specific industries. CACR's consulting services have been consistently rated as 'Outstanding' & 'Excellent' by Fortune 1000 companies like Sony, Samsung, Citigroup etc. These competencies enable clients to benefit from the accumulated knowledge base of CACR. CACR's consulting services are utilized by a bulk of the Fortune 1000 organizations, Governments, and International Funding Organizations. CACR is now one of the leading consulting centers of the world, continuously assisting its clients in improving performance beyond benchmarks. CACR's client lists are examples of pristine commitments to Fortune 1000 companies, Governments, and to International Funding Organizations across the world. The clients of CACR have included McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nexant, Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, Citigroup, Standard Chartered, American Express, J M Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo, Coke, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Nike, Adidas, General Electric Group, Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, IBM, EDS, Alcatel, S T Microelectronics etc and more than a thousand more clients worldwide.






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