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The Director

These pages give an introduction about the Director, Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri; his background, his experiences, and an insight into the genesis of the institute through his perspectives. The above mentioned link on the Director's Background describes the Director's past life and experiences. Additionally, for the benefit of the reader, Professor Shubhoshekhar Bhattacharjee, renowned economist and worldwide head of Asia Development Intelligence Unit, talks about his perception of IIPM's multi focused activities, its past, present & future, and the reasons for IIPM's specific attention to socially relevant issues. The Dean's Message link displays the message from Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, renowned management guru & economist, & Dean, Center for Economic Research & Advanced Studies. These links display certain core ideas to all the people, organizations, and governments interested in understanding IIPM's various philosophies.

The objective of this attempt is to educate the reader about the dedicated emotions that have built IIPM, and about the extremely concerted efforts that have enabled IIPM to achieve milestones that would seem impossible. The Director, Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri, has been the leading force for the institution since its foundations were laid. His vision has guided the institution and its various activities through the past for so many years.

The reader would be able to understand the strong issue based development activities of IIPM after going through these supporting web pages.

IIPM is one of the world's leading institutions, not just for its educational activities, but also for its gargantuan efforts at improving national economies and human life. The Director personifies these philosophies of IIPM, and speaks about the reasons for the same. Click on the link above to appreciate these points...






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