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This section provides current news updates on happenings at IIPM in the recent past or the near future. The news has been divided into two parts for assisting the reader in differentiating the importance of particular news items.

The link on News In Media focuses on how IIPM's name has featured in various media like newspapers, television channels, seminars & other forum. Various synopsis of news items are provided in the above mentioned link. By the side of each synopsis, the 'Source' has been acknowledged. However, for the sake of editorial discretion, the synopsis has been edited to adhere to reporting norms. Hence in some instances, the actual news item might not carry the same words as the synopsis. Please note that the links that have been provided in the above mentioned page are directly to the media site. 

The link on News At Work gives details of news within IIPM, for example, admission details, examination dates, news on release of results, news that faculty has put up for students, information provided by the various student committees (Cultural, Alumni, Public Relations, Academic, Sports, Placements etc), other noteworthy achievements of IIPM faculty and various IIPM Centers (ICMR, ICPAR, HRIC, CCISD, ADIU etc).

In case you require further details on any news item, whether media news or work news, please feel free to directly contact IIPM's public relations cell (Indian Center for Public Affairs & Relations - ICPAR). Visit the link on Contact Information for details on how to get in touch with the relevant ICPAR personnel. In case you are a media agency, journalist or any organization interested in covering IIPM's various activities, or taking views & articles from faculty and students etc, please directly contact ICPAR personnel who would guide you in following the appropriate procedures to file requests. ICPAR personnel, from time to time, provide press releases on IIPM activities. You can also request ICPAR personnel to regularly provide you the required press releases in the future.






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