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Students of the Class of 2002 joined the best that the industry had to offer. More than 100 companies participated in this year's campus placement session. The companies that vied against each other for recruiting the Class of 2002 included HSBC, McKinsey & Co, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Electrolux, Asian Paints, ICICI Prudential, Coca Cola, J. M. Morgan Stanley, LG, Citigroup, HDFC Bank etc. More than 20% of the companies that came to the campus were first time recruiters. Like last year, the specialization stream that took the maximum recruitments was again marketing. However, Salary average was the highest in the Finance specialization. HR and IT were at ranks below Marketing & Finance specializations.

Current & prospective employers are encouraged to write directly to the Placements Cell at IIPM for any kind of assistance. The contact details are given below

Campus Placements Cell

Anirudh Sharma (Manager, Corporate Relations, IIPM)

Level 1, IIPM Tower

Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi: 110016


Phone: 91-11-51799961, 51799962



Campus Placements

  • "Go With It ! ! ! IIPM students are winners all the way..." {Source: The Times of India, June 2002} "...the icing on the cake has proved to be the 100% placements of the Class of 2002. McKinsey, ITC,  PricewaterhouseCoopers, Asian Paints, Citibank, J. M. Morgan Stanley, ICICI Prudential, Asian Paints, Electrolux, HSBC etc vie with each other for selecting the Class of 2002"

  • "IIPM has again got record placements with leading companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Electrolux, Asian Paints, Coke etc recruiting students from the Class of 2002..." {Source: Hindustan Times, June 2002}

To be the leader is what matters, and if the examples are anything to go by, IIPM's alumni are leaders in more ways than one. With more than thirty years of alumni passing out in the industry, IIPM maintains the pride of having top ranked corporate executives, government officials, and policy makers as alumni. Managing Director (Rank Xerox Hong Kong), South Asia Executive Director (Oracle Corporation), Group Manager (Duke Energy, Australia) are all but examples of industry stalwarts who have passed out from IIPM. 

The Times of India, one of Asia's leading publications and India's number one newspaper, in its June 2002 issue, branded IIPM alumni as 'Winners All The Way', considering the outstanding placements year after year. 100% placements, year after year, even before students pass out of the campus.

One of the students, Sumit Raina, class of 2002, was interviewed by The Times of India on what made him join the Planning & Entrepreneurship program at IIPM, "The course structure at IIPM is far better than other Institutes in India." Today, Sumit Raina has been recruited by the Fortune 1000 giant, L.G. Electronics, as a management trainee at a salary of Rs. 5,90,000 per annum.

We are regularly asked about the kind of placements that IIPM students get, the designations, the salaries, the international locations, the companies that recruit and much more. The list of alumni that we've given here might change with each batch, but not the emotion and pride that accompanies the list.

Pramendra Bedi (Systems Planning, AT&T, New Jersey, USA), Lakshmi Madabhushi (Ph.D., Diagnostic Consulting, A.C. Nielsen USA), Asheesh Khaneja (Executive Director, South Asia, Oracle Corporation Singapore), Ramgopal Rao (Managing Director, Rank Xerox, Hong Kong), Anita Yadav (Moody's Investor Service, Australia), Sujo John (Network Manager, Network Plus, New York, USA), Anita Kaul Parmar (Project Manager, Ericsson, Sweden), Sanjay Verma (Group Manager, Asia Pacific, Duke Energy, Australia), Ritu Aggarwal (Insurance Services, Australia), Saurabh Bhargava (National Accounts Manager, The Taj Group of Hotels), Rajiv Balchandani (Analyst, Risk Management, India & Area Countries, American Express), Gautam Dhawan (Corporate Finance Group, Lazard Creditcapital Ltd), Janardhan Swahar (Relationship Manager, Citicorp), Suresh Kalra (Asst Manager, Total), Oaj Khurana (Analyst & Dealer, IndusInd Bank), Vikas Prashad (Product Manager, ICICI Bank), Bipasha Chanda (Brand Manager, Hindustan Times), Saumya Nayak (Manager, Customer Relations, Airtel), Ashutosh Kar (Asst Vice President, Cain Technologies), Kapil Dhall (Sr Busines Development Manager, Samsung Asia), Sreeraj Roy (Brand Manager, Ranbaxy), Abhineet Rai (Area Sales Manager, Marico Industries), Gaurav Sapra (Territory Manager, National Panasonic), S.Narendran (Head-Corporate Finance, Times Guaranty), Rakesh Malhotra (Regional Manager, ICFAI)...

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